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Healing This Wounded Place

“However excellent the day school may be, whatever the qualifications of the teacher, or however superior the facilities for instruction of the few short hours spent in the day school is, to a great extent, offset by the habits, scenes … Continue reading

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The Passing Parade at Little Lake

“Do they not see the birds above them spreading and contracting (their wings)? Naught upholds them save the Beneficent. Surely He is Seer of all things.” — Holy Quran, chapter 67, verse 19. Winter rains have been abundant in the … Continue reading

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Digging into our Past

“Simply put, archaeologists are storytellers. It is our responsibility to communicate to as wide an audience as possible the results and significance or our findings.” James Deetz August 1, 2013. My fingers move the tiny sand granules right and left, … Continue reading

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