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The blog is on retreat

I am grateful for the interaction with readers and the encouragement to continue writing this blog. We now have readers in over 40 countries. Because of some other writing project deadlines, I have to take a break from this blog … Continue reading

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Mutual Dialogue on Religious Differences

“The longest journey is the journey inward.” Dag Hammerskjold, Markings. A clue to encounters with the spiritualities of the world can be found in Hermann Hesse’s novel Siddartha. “One can only pass on knowledge, but not wisdom,” Siddartha explains at … Continue reading

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Finding Your True Self in the Desert

“The desert has a deep personality. It has a voice; and God speaks through its personality and voice. Great elders in all ages…have sought the desert and heard its voice.” Letter to the Student Body of Deep Springs College, President … Continue reading

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Solitude and Silence in Cottonwood Canyon

“The desert empties you…it is not a place wherein you can decide how you want to grow and change, but is a place that you undergo, expose yourself to, and have the courage to face. The idea is not so … Continue reading

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Encounters with Native American Spirituality

“I never felt alone or afraid up there in the hills. The hummah-hah stories described the conversations coyotes, crows and buzzards used to have with human beings. I was fascinated with the notion that long ago humans and animals used … Continue reading

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Finding Gratitude in the Desert

“Gratitude is the foundation of future hope. Hope without gratitude is wishful thinking.” Father Gordon Moreland SJ, (my beloved Spiritual Director). “For Augustine, human memories are the most powerful dynamisms in a person’s life precisely because they are not merely … Continue reading

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