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Zane Grey: Solitude and the Western Hero

A bright yellow streak on the triangular head of the Diamondback Rattlesnake glistened in the sunlight as my father held out his hand. The snake’s mouth opened wide; huge yellow, needle-sharp fangs wet with saliva emerged fully from the sheath … Continue reading

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Encounters with Classic Western Films

I am walking amidst gigantic boulders shaped like elephants, camels, and whales. The imagination stretches to name each strangely shaped massif. Cold winds sweep up clouds of sand and I close my eyes, rushing to a protective gap between two … Continue reading

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Finding Your True Self in the Desert

“The desert has a deep personality. It has a voice; and God speaks through its personality and voice. Great elders in all ages…have sought the desert and heard its voice.” Letter to the Student Body of Deep Springs College, President … Continue reading

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