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Sacred Masks

“The Sale of a sacred object cannot be dismissed with the wave of a hand as a mere commercial transaction” Philip J. Breeden, US Embassy, Paris; quoted in NY Times 6-30-2014.   The ancient carved cottonwood mask, decorated with eagle … Continue reading

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Healing This Wounded Place

“However excellent the day school may be, whatever the qualifications of the teacher, or however superior the facilities for instruction of the few short hours spent in the day school is, to a great extent, offset by the habits, scenes … Continue reading

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The Dust Devil’s Curse

“Here you find the hot sink of Death Valley, or high rolling districts where the air has always a tang of frost. Here are the long heavy winds and breathless calms on the tilted mesas where dust devils dance, whirling … Continue reading

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Finding Your True Self in the Desert

“The desert has a deep personality. It has a voice; and God speaks through its personality and voice. Great elders in all ages…have sought the desert and heard its voice.” Letter to the Student Body of Deep Springs College, President … Continue reading

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Encounters with Native American Spirituality

“I never felt alone or afraid up there in the hills. The hummah-hah stories described the conversations coyotes, crows and buzzards used to have with human beings. I was fascinated with the notion that long ago humans and animals used … Continue reading

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